What are brumbies?

Brumby, a terminology that refers to a kind of ordinary domesticated horses escaped from the human environment and reverted to wild horses. Australian high-country contains the greatest population of brumby. Brumby looks exactly like the common domesticated horses in Australia, but instead of having a trained lifespan, brumby is one of the strongest and toughest animals that have adapted well to the harsh Australian outback.

Brumbies are often leaner and more muscular than the other house in Australia due to their special characters of free-roaming and foraging. A brumby is an herbivorous mammal and they can survive for an average of 20 to 30 years. The statistic shows there about 40,000 feral that exists in Australian high-country areas. And there are no major predators existed of brumbies in Australia.

Where do brumbies live in Victoria?

brumby map

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Most Victorian brumbies are located in mountainous areas particularly the Eastern Alps and Bogong High Plains.

Besides, an isolated population exists in the Barmah Forest, and scattered have been seen throughout East Gippsland.

Data source: ALA

How fast are brumbies’ population increasing?

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The prediction on brumbies’ population is based on the three sites surveyed around the Alps and has increased from 9187 in 2014 to 25318 in 2019. There is an increase of 0f 23% per annum. 

Data source: the data was collected through the biostatistician analysis and distance program software.

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Victorian High Country

The high country is located in the northeastern part of Victoria. It is a plateau region, with alpine landforms, historic towns, and a various legendary story about shepherds and bandits. In winter, it is the most convenient ski resorts in Victoria, such as Buller Mountain, Hotham Mountain, and Falls Creek Ski Resort. When the snow melted, it became an ideal place for outdoor activities, such as driving four-wheel-drive vehicles for an off-road experience, mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking on the plateau. The visitors also can explore Victorias highest mountain, visit the historic shepherds hut, and admire the summer wildflowers and snow gum trees of the Bogong High Plains.

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