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What are people talking about the Brumbies


From the visualization of the word cloud, the heated vocabularies have discussed around the brumbies are “Feral” “Argued”, “Maguire”, “Shooting” and “Damage”. 

Due to the fact of the excessive increase of feral horses at the high country national parks, the damage has been done permanently to Victoria’s high country’s ecosystem. Based on the results of these sentiment data collections from the public, we noticed the Victoria government is requiring an effective solution urgently, and “shooting” are the most frequent methods that appeared throughout our analysis.

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Sentiment Analysis

People’s attitude towards brumbies

This pie chart shows the percentage of people whose attitude towards brumbies is positive, neutral and negative separately.

Positive means the public wants to preserve brumbies as part of the history and culture of Victoria’s high country.

Neutral means the public sees the brumbies as Victorian species.

Negative means the public sees the brumbies as a threat to Victorian high-country enviroment.

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