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DaiFen Wei

Data Scientist

Daifen is currently pursuing a Master of Data Science. Her skills in Python and Database would help for data processing and data management in the project. Besides, she aims to demonstrate the ability to develop analytic measures to help end-users better understand and utilise the data used within the team’s website.

Rao Fu

Website Developer

Rao Fu is currently pursuing a Master of Information Technology. His skills in Software development, project management, and Software Engineering could help for project development and project management in the project. 

Meanwhile, Rao is willing to improve his web application development skills to help users have a better understanding of their datasets

YiLin Deng

Business Analyse

Yilin Deng is pursuing Master of Business Information Systems; she has a basic understanding of developing a complete IT project. She knows how to transfer user requirements to system functions. She also knows some HTML, CSS, JS, PHP related to developing a web application.


YiQing Fei


A second-year master of business information student that carries basic analytic skills and knowledge. With a general understanding of database design, business system architecture, data visualisation and building a business model.

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